Design is everywhere

Someone has designed all these things:

  • mobile phones and your user experience
  • the satellite systems that keep your TV working
  • the textiles and furniture in your home
  • your favourite park
  • the sewage system in your home
  • composite materials in your mountain bike
  • the business model of your search engine
  • that fancy pepper mill your aunt bought from Paris for the "atmosphere" of your favourite cafe
  • the carbon reduction market of the European Union
  • your cardigan
  • the service provided by an airline
  • the bot that keeps sending messages under your name in social media
  • public spaces around you

Good, respectful design improves our lives in numerous ways. Design is important!

UNSW celebrates design

UNSW has amazing capabilities in design, architecture and engineering, as well as in business and several other faculties. However, UNSW has no forum that brings these disciplines together. That’s why we’ve created Design Next, our new centre for integrated design.

Design Next brings these disciplines together in a world-class learning environment and will ensure every student leaves UNSW with a strong understanding and appreciation of design. Design Next focuses on creating design-focused graduates and will enrich education by pooling together research, innovation, and social engagement activities.

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