Design Next Studio

Design Next has a studio and an office on the Kensington campus in the Ainsworth Building (J17), Level 5, Rooms 503-504.The capacity of the studio is up to 130* people.

The studio is primarily available for the Faculty of Engineering events during week days. Please contact mech.admin [at] for inquiries.

Booking policy

Please note that Design Next can accept bookings one month in advance of your event, and can accept only five bookings at a time.

The Studio has proven to be popular. Without this policy in place, it might be booked for months in advance.

Design Next Studio Space (1)
Design Next Studio Space (2)

Please contact for booking inquiries and rules.


Below are a list of resources to assist you on your design journey:

There are several editors among UNSW faculty

If you are a design editor or aware of other design editors at UNSW or want to contact them, please send a message to

A handful of design schools have built robust research programs that are consistently ranked at the top in the world. For information, contact Ilpo Koskinen.